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Her Very First Home Sweet Home

When Maggie Hutton, a Coastal member since,  2002, was about a year out of college, she made a big decision: It was time to buy her first home.

Maggie has a background in finance and has always been careful with her money. So she didn’t want to use up all her savings. And—like many other first-time home buyers—she wasn’t really sure what this process would entail.

That’s why she went into her local Coastal branch intent on getting some introductory information on what buying a house would entail.

She was thrilled to learn Coastal offered a program for first-time home buyers. And as a member since she was 18, she trusted   Coastal. “I have always felt they have my best interests at heart. I know they are going to look out for me,” Maggie says. So she took the leap and signed up for the program.

Coastal’s first step with Maggie? To listen. Maggie shared what she was looking for in a home, and Coastal got her started with a preapproval letter. That helped set her budget and guide which houses she could look at.

“They were in the process from the very beginning,” she says. “Their first-time homebuyer program made it a lot less scary.”

Through the program, Maggie learned about the process and the meaning of phrases like “mortgage insurance” and “escrow”. This empowered Maggie to make the right choices in buying her very first home.