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We’re a local credit union here to serve the members of our community, not Wall Street. Our profits don’t fill the pockets of bankers, they get shared back in the form of better rates, lower fees, dividends, and community involvement. Our service is better too. It has to be, we work for you. Here’s a little more about how we help you bank better to live better.

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Financial Well-Being

Everything we do at Coastal is designed to help people achieve a greater level of Financial Well-being. Our goal is to help every member replace stress with happiness, concern with relief, and uncertainty with control. We want to make a difference with their bank accounts and their lives.


Fair Pricing

When you are member-owned, it opens up all sorts of ways to help people bank better. We’re able to offer better rates, charge fewer fees, and provide products and services that people want and need.


Member Services

We want our members to love it here. So we do things like stay open 7 days a week from 7AM to 7PM with our Personal Teller Machines. We offer mobile and online banking for greater convenience. We provide home buying and selling services through our Daymark Realty. In other words, we’re here for you during every financial aspect of your life.



At Coastal, we are in the business of sharing. Not just profits but information, too. Because we’re a credit union, we stay open and honest with our members and employees. It’s a level of trust you won’t find at a big bank. Our members deserve nothing less. They own us after all.

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Community Impact

Part of every debit & credit card transaction at Coastal is given back to the community to help in areas like financial literacy, affordable housing, and financial well-being. We work with Habitat for Humanity. We’ve returned more than $25.1 million to our members in the form of special dividends. For us, it’s about lifting up our neighbors and our neighborhoods. Because when we make our communities better, we all win.

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