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Her Last Wish Come True

Tony Grimes, a medical researcher in the Triangle, had tried big banks, but wasn’t happy with the service. So, new to the area and looking for better options, he decided to go local. He opened an account at Coastal’s Quail Plaza location to test it out—and finally found the bank he’d been looking for.

“I was really happy with the service,” he says. “They were a perfect fit for my family.”

So little by little, he transferred all of his banking over to Coastal. And things moved along nicely. Tony settled into his job, and he and his wife bought a home they loved.

But things couldn’t stay perfect forever. When Tony and his family fell on hard times—when they needed help the most—that was when he really saw the lengths Coastal would go to help his family.

First, Tony lost his job. Then his wife became ill, forcing her to cut back on her hours at work. They were overwhelmed and struggling to make ends meet. When they fell behind on their  mortgage, they knew they needed help.

“For a lot of people, a house is a house. But that wasn’t us. We viewed it as a home. The place where we made memories,” Tony says.

So they turned to Coastal and found exactly the support they needed.

First, Coastal found government programs that could help Tony and his wife, and then walked them through the application process.

“Coastal was very helpful, but those programs didn’t work out,” Tony says.

But Coastal wasn’t done. They came back to Tony with another idea: to help them refinance their home. “They helped us get a better rate and a lower payment, so we could catch up and even get ahead on our mortgage payments,” says Tony.

“We were busy dealing with my wife’s illness. Our minds were elsewhere. But Trina Jones at Coastal had our back. When we were the most down, she kept us encouraged.”

Tony’s wife ultimately lost her fight and succumbed to cancer. But Tony says he’s grateful he was able to grant her last wish—to come spend some time in the home they loved so much. The home they still had, with the help of Coastal.

“My wife worked so hard to make this a place that was special, a place that was our own. It meant so much that she was able to come here and spend time among those memories. Without Coastal, without their help, our last days together would have been very different.”