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A Welcome Face in our Communities

As a Community Engagement Officer, Mechele Laugel, spends a lot of time out and about in our community. “My job is to be the face for Coastal in the community,” Mechele says. “I want people to always feel like through me they have a connection to Coastal.”

Which is why she is the perfect liaison for Coastal’s interaction with the Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce.

Coastal committed to the local chamber more than 3 years ago. In that time, they have supported events and organizations big and small. From a yearly golf fundraiser to sponsoring a large community expo. The format isn’t as important as the mission: to let people know we are here to help.

And through all the events, you can expect to see Mechele there, smiling and meeting with community members new and old. It’s a job she relishes.

“I will even drop by other members of the chamber with popcorn and a note that says ‘Just poppin’ in to say hello’,” Mechele notes. “Anything so the people of the community not only know who we are, but also know we are committed to supporting them.”

It’s all part of Coastal’s goal to be the cornerstone of the communities we serve. Not only now, but going forward, as well.