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Creating a Lifelong Love of Learning

Tiffany Dubose, relationship manager at the Page Road Branch, is a common face at the branch. In her role, she is tasked with establishing relationships with new members and further cultivating relationships with current members. It’s a job that requires her to have the finger on the pulse of the community.

Her close connection to the community and the members pays off in many ways. Including helping to make an event even more special for several local kids.

August 9th is National Book Lovers Days, and the team wanted to do an event to promote child literacy at the branch. But, thanks to Tiffany’s close connection to branch’s members, she knew there weren’t a lot of kids who came in.

Instead, she suggested they reach out to the local Bright Horizons Daycare. “I just knew we didn’t have a ton of kids who come into our branch, and wanted to do something special for other kids in the area,” Tiffany says.

And so with that, 25 kids made their way to the Page Road Branch. Once there, they were treated to the childhood classic If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. And what goes better with story time than milk and cookies? So that’s exactly what the kids got as they settled in for storytime.

After the book, the students were treated to a tour and even left with Dr. Seuss bookmarks and green Coastal piggy banks. Because it’s never too early to start teaching the values for saving.

“Credit Unions are about people helping people. Reaching out to the community,” Tiffany says. “That’s one thing I love about working for Coastal. They allow us to branch out and make an impact in other ways. It is never too early to learn about finances and leading healthy financial life.”

Because if you give a kid an experience they’ll remember, they’ll probably want a follow-up visit to go with it.